Teeth Whitening Darwin

Sparkly whites not so sparkly or white? Teeth whitening is a simple and effective way to achieve the bright smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

How does teeth whitening work?

Peroxide based bleaching gel is placed in prolonged contact with the teeth to remove any internal and external discolouration, leaving you with a lighter and brighter smile. We offer two forms of teeth whitening at our Darwin dental clinic: in chair and take home.

How much whiter will my teeth be?

Our teeth have a natural, genetically determined colour, and as we age there  are numerous factors that can contribute to the discolouration of teeth. Some of which are beyond our control – where others are created by our habits and indulgence. Teeth whitening can remove this discolouration and restore teeth back to their natural colour, and in many cases we can improve them beyond their original colour.

Your results will depend on which method of teeth whitening you choose (in chair or take home) but even so some people’s teeth will change dramatically, and some will change to a lesser degree. It is difficult to know precisely how much a person’s teeth will improve in colour, but some guidelines will help predict the changes. In the end, whitening must be correctly performed, with professional strength gels, for any results to be seen.

Is it painful and will my teeth feel sensitive?

No it shouldn’t be painful at all, however it can cause sensitivity for a day or two after your treatment.

Is in chair teeth whitening better than take home?

In-chair teeth whitening results are instantaneous and often times can be more dramatic than at-home whitening kits. That said, you can still achieve excellent results with a professional at-home whitening kit supplied to you by your dentist. Our dentist in Darwin will determine the best and most appropriate method of teeth whitening for you.

What is the process for in chair teeth whitening?

If you are suitable for in chair teeth whitening we will book an appointment for approximately 90- 120 min with our dentist in Darwin at a mutually convenient time. At Your Dentist Darwin we use Phillips Zoom In Chair Whitening. We will apply barrier protection for your lips and gums before a higher concentration of teeth whitening gel is placed directly on your teeth. The procedure is carried out over 2-4 sessions of 15 minutes each. While you are waiting eagerly to enjoy your lighter and brighter smile, you may wish to watch a movie or listen to your favourite music throughout the session.

We may recommend you a Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit for maintenance.

What is the process for take home teeth whitening?

If you are suitable for teeth whitening and choose to proceed with a take home kit, our Darwin dentists will take impressions of your teeth to prepare for your customised trays. You will return to return to You Dentist Darwin within 3-5 business days to collect your trays and try in your trays to ensure the fit is perfect.

You will be given a specially selected concentration of professional teeth whitening gel with appropriate instruction on how to use. An expected result may be seen within 7-10+ days of consecutive use.

Any Surgical or Invasive procedure carries risks, before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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