Tooth Fillings

Cavity be gone! Tooth fillings are a fast and effective way to restore the strength, function and appearance of your tooth.

Am I good candidate for a tooth filling?

If you have a small cavity or minor damage you may be a good candidate for a tooth filling. If your tooth is too damaged for a filling we may recommend a dental inlay or onlay, or a dental crown. Our dentist in Darwin will assess your teeth and recommend the best course of action available to you.

What’s the process of getting a tooth filling?

We do not do ‘Drill and Fill’ rather we ‘Prepare and restore the tooth’ by removing as little healthy tooth structure as possible and uses natural tooth-coloured composite fillings. Through minimally-invasive techniques, we’ll restore both the strength and look of your tooth.

Is there any specific aftercare for tooth fillings?

Of course, we’ll also make sure to leave you with some important tips for maintaining good health for your tooth filling and your teeth in general and preventing more cavities in the future

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